Photographer based in Sydney, Australia.


2017 Winner, HeadOn Landscape Prize
2017 Associate Exhibitor, "Drone Top Down Under" HeadOn
2016 Winner "Travel Photographer of the Year" Australian Photography Magazine
2016 2nd place National Geographic Dronestagram Drone competition
2016 Finalist Bowness Prize Monash Gallery of Art
2016 Finalist Moran Prize
2016 Semifinalist x 5 Moran prize
2016 Finalist SMH Clique Photographer of the year
2016 Finalist Sydney Morning Herald Shoot the Chef
2016 Winner Camera House Drone competition
2015 Semifinalist Moran Prize
2015 3rd Place SkyPixel Dronies
2015 Finalist SMH Clique Photographer of the year
2014 Winner Sydney Morning Herald "Water" challenge
2014 Highly Commended finalist SMH Clique Photographer of the year